Airbrush makeup?

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Okay, I did a quick search, but couldn't find anything recent that really mentioned airbrush make up. I've seen a few products out there for airbrushing, but it seems kinda expensive to start out and the only review I've been able to find are on the product's website, so I don't really want to rely on that. Has anyone here ever used airbrush make up before? Either had it done at a salon or actually do it themselves? What do you think?
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    I haven't, but it's one of those things that I desperately wish I had the money for. Check out youtube... there's a lot of reviews and demonstrations out there. Some of the people were sent the products by the companies, but people like xsparkage, goldiestarling and petrilude have always been really honest and open with their reviews so I don't think that taints their opinion at all.
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    A friend of mine who's a MUA told me she doesn't like airbrush makeup. I forget why. Part of it is that it's time consuming to do. But that wouldn't be as much of an issue if you're just using it on yourself.
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    Go to makeup alley and ull see all reviews of different products, if u have somewhat hairy face be careful as the spray will coat it and wont look good but I think itd be a bit messy, I dnt know, I just prefer knowing where my foundation is being put, not wasting it by it being airborne if that makes sense..
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    One of my favorite makeup artists, Kandee Johnson, loves the Dinair airbrush makeup, but sometimes uses it without the airbrush system. It's a lot less expensive and still gives great coverage, apparently. I think you have to apply it fairly quickly, though, to make it blend.
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