Aloe Vera Juice on SKIN?

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OK, I've tried to find past threads on this but only found stuff relevant to hair.

I have a bottle of Aloe Vera Juice by Aubrey Organics sitting in my medicine cabinet and wanted to know if anyone uses this stuff on their face?

It'd be awesome if I could use it as a moisturizer...because I'm trying to find a natural non oily moisturizer to control my oily skin.

Anyhow, anyone with experience using aloe vera juice on their face, please do tell!
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    The only time I use it on my face is when I've had too much sun. I don't know how moisturizing it is but it sure soothes dry or sunburned skin.
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    I like to use aloe vera gel as a primer when I wear makeup - it works quite well for that! Smooths out any rough patches so my mineral powder won't cling to them. I'd like to try it with a more natural brand at some point, which would likely be thinner, like what you have. Assuming you're not one of the people who have reactions to it, I'd think you might do well with aloe vera juice as a light moisturizer, though it seems like for every few people who get moisture from it, another finds it drying. YMMV, basically. You won't know 'til you try!
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    I've washed my face with aloe vera juice and just a tiny drop of face wash. LOVELY skin.
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