a qouple of questions

smashinsmashin Registered Users Posts: 4
what type of hair do i have? and how can i make it more afroish?? i wanna have like a big thing of hair like corbin blue or that but now it's hanging down...

(it used to grow upwards when it was a little shorter.)


  • sweetpeacurlisweetpeacurli Registered Users Posts: 343
    Hi Smashin, and welcome.

    I think what you're asking is how to make your hair look big and fluffy? Your coils are so beautiful and well clumped - a lot of us find it a challenge to get our curls to look like yours! It's fun to experiment with different looks, though, that's for sure.

    If you want to play around with a bigger, fluffier look, try gently separating your curls with your fingers and finger combing them a bit. (You could use a comb for this if you want, but I find combing dry curls to be such a pain that I prefer to just use my fingers.)

    Have fun... and feel free to post pics of your results, we love stuff like that around here. :D
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  • smashinsmashin Registered Users Posts: 4
    Thank you! i will try that
  • AdamTanzAdamTanz Registered Users Posts: 11
    can i have your hair please!!!!! your hair is amazing! if you wants a more afro look you could cornrow your hair with some gel/mouse or a holding product of your choice and then take them out when dry /in the morning and comb your roots a little and that should do the trick.
    i hope i helped

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