Going out hair ideas

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So I've got a date in a few days and I have no idea how to style my hair.
I'm getting it cut so it's a going to be about shoulder length or a little longer. I have about 2b hair.
If it helps we're going to a concert to see some local bands. :)
I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. :) I do want to wear my hair curly so no straightening please. :)
Thanks in advance!
Embracing my curls!
Type of Hair: 2b/3a
Conditioner: GF Triple Nutrition / HETS Conditioner
Mousse: HETT Mousse
Gel: GF Curl Enhancing Gel
Extra: Aloe, Aveno and Honey!! :D

Current hair length: Just past shoulder length!
Goal: To have beautiful BSL hair!:love4:



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