Anne Hathaway in her new movie

LolaMeiLolaMei Posts: 24Registered Users Curl Neophyte
I just saw the new preview for Anne Hathway's movie Love and Other Drugs. Not really interested in seeing the movie, but I love her luscious long locks!
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  • hecatemelhecatemel Posts: 31Registered Users
    I was just about to post the same thing. Love her locks too!!

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  • alaskantsunamialaskantsunami Posts: 421Registered Users
    I was pretty stoked when I saw that! I'm actually planning on watching the movie, but I'm pretty sure I'll just be staring at her hair the whole time haha.
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  • sexyNcurlysexyNcurly Posts: 241Registered Users
    I really want to see the movie but I do love her hair too! Is her hair naturally curly? And what color is her hair? It's such a rich brunette or something, I love it.
  • xyzioloxyziolo Posts: 232Registered Users
    I saw the preview and thought for the first time she looked like what I might (might) call beautiful. I don't think she is beautiful (everyone has their own standards) but she does have an endearing quality about her and is a good actress. But the big, wavy hair makes her attractive.

    Same effect it has on Julia Roberts. Julia is pretty average looking, but when she did Pretty Woman and My Best Friend's Wedding with her huge, fiery, red, curly hair she looked absolutely SPECTACULAR!

    Actually Anne look nice with the the straight hair and bangs too (Devil Wears Prada post makeover). But the curls are a significant improvement for a plain Jane.
  • swell28swell28 Posts: 52Registered Users
    I love her hair like that! It might be naturally curly because remember the beginning of Princess Diaries! Hahaha it was very very frizzy but there might have been natural curls!
    Someone help me make my hair look like Merida from Brave that's all I want.
  • TaintedPaintTaintedPaint Posts: 64Registered Users
    I think I just finished watching this movie does it have that guy that played in prince of persia in it?
    I didnt care for the movie at all but I loved staring at her hair it was gorgeous I was pretty jealous actually which my hair was that thick and lovely.
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