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Ok... I'm going to start swimming and that means I have to do some "removal" - legs, underarms, and bikini. I don't normally shave bc I can NEVER do it without getting razor bumps.

Since most of you are pretty smart cookies. how do you all handle it?


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    I swim 5 days a week. I shave.

    I find if I let the hair grow and only shave occasionally, that's when I get bumps and irritations. If I shave often, I don't have any problems.

    If you are lap swimming and really don't want to shave, you can consider getting a unitard type of suit:

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    I mostly get razor bumps in the bikini area, even when I wax there. Do you get razor bumps even on your legs?

    For the legs and underarms I shave. It's just easy and fast.

    Question: why do you have to shave to swim? Are you going to swim competitively, so you need to be hairless to improve your swim time? Or is it just for aesthetics?
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