Was I doing it right? (Products and How)

Okay so i've tried to do the no shampooing twice, and hardly last a week. But I recently cut my hair, and am wanting to attempt growing it out. So I thought, "I'll try it again." But before I do, let me know if I was doing it right.

When I first started I used Suave Clarifying shampoo (only did it the first day), then conditioned with a Suave Naturals conditioner. Then I would put the conditioner in, rub my scalp, then comb it through with a wide tooth comb. Let it set for a few minutes then rinsed it out, without touching my hair. And before exiting the shower, I rinsed with cold water.

I then scrunched gel (Aussie: Sydney Smooth) in my hair. Then with a cotton t-shirt, I scrunched out the water. I normally let it air dry because my hair was short (only used a blowdryer with diffuser once). But that's what I did. Did I do it right?

And did I use the right products? I have tons of Suave Naturals conditioner (yay clearance!), and the gel was the cheapest at the time I bought it. What other conditioners and stuff do you use? I'm looking for ones that can be found in stores, and that are ussually on sale or have coupons. I can't afford to spend $15 on one bottle of conditioner lol.

Also I want to know, when like for example I can't take a shower in the morning, or am going to the gym. Can I just comb it with my fingers dry? Or do I always have to wet it?

So I am hoping once I get my questions answered I can start. Because i'd normally stop because i'd think I was doing it wrong. I am excited, and hoping doing this will make my hair growing out a little more bearable.

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