Hello there, from over here!

College student, living at home, attending a local school. Need I say more?

Haha, what is up lovely curlies? I'm a newbie to the whole deal of accepting my natural hair as is. I have duked it out with relaxers, flat irons, curling irons, and even the infamous way-too-tight-bun/ponytail-of-despair (used only when utter and complete frustration prevailed) topped with uber max-hold hairspray.

Two years ago, I decided to stop using relaxers (after only having undergone two treatments), chopped my hair, and just used a flat iron for straightening. I realized my hair wasn't as hard to manage as I'd originally thought, and found that just running a flat iron over it was enough to keep it surprisingly straight until water soaked through it. People who didn't know me thought my hair was naturally straight.

This year, over the summer, my mother put away her curling iron for good and has been wearing her hair in a naturally curly 'fro-style since. She has short, thick, coarse, 3b hair. She told me that the continual pulling of the hair with the curling iron was actually starting to pull some hair out by the roots. Just by looking, the loss wasn't really noticeable because of her thick hair, but after months of just going natural, her 'fro does look fuller.

That motivated me to go natural. It has been about a month since I put down my flat iron. I did not cut my hair, but have done a lot of conditioning treatments in an attempt to repair the damage done from all the frying. Happy to say, all the TLC paid off, and the curlies are very healthy.

My hair, when straightened, reaches slightly below the middle of my back, and has long layers. When curly, the longest strands reach about the middle of my back. The longer strands are about a 3a curl, the medium length ones about a 3b curl, and the short flyaway hairs by the scalp a 3c curl. It is a rather interesting sight. I'll have to post up pictures later.

Always looking for more tips, advice, and new techniques. Of course, I'll be happy to share the ups and downs; the bedrocks and sky-highs of this fun curly adventure of mine.
Just rockin' the natural curls.


  • morrighumorrighu Posts: 707Registered Users
    First off, welcome! Second, as your hair grows out and becomes less damaged you may see your curl pattern change. I know that mine's gotten significantly tighter.
  • espresso.curlsespresso.curls Posts: 94Registered Users
    Thanks! I think mine might too.
    Just rockin' the natural curls.

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