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I was reading another thread when I noticed a pattern of people saying that their kids had a hard time sleeping which led to behavior issues.

Chas isn't a difficult child but we've always had sleep issues with him. I still insist on most days that he gets a nap but at night he can be in his bed from 8:00 to 10:00...and still be awake. It's like it takes forever for him to shut his mind off and relax. I think now some of his behavior issues are just sleep...

Any tips on getting your little one to go to sleep faster? I know subbrock you said your daughter had sleep issues? Is there something you did to help?

I'm thinking of trying a calcium/magnesium tablet at night...I've heard that might help. Any ideas are welcome.


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    With my kids, after age 2.5, an afternoon nap directly correlated with a longer bedtime. There was about a 6 month transition for both of them (we're at the tail end with Sandhya right now) where they were either cranky in the afternoon or cranky in the evening (or sometimes both) depending whether it was a nap/no nap day.

    So I have no advice other than shorten the afternoon nap or try to make it earlier in the day. If its taking 2 hours for him to fall asleep and there's no other issue going on (separation anxiety, teething, illness), then I'd say he's not tired enough.

    I've learned for DS that TV right before bed can wind him up also so I'd cut out tv or computer time before bed and see if that helps.

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    At nap it usually takes him 30 to 45 minutes to fall asleep unless he's exhausted (up late the night before). My Nanny usually wakes them up at 3:30. Maybe we should shorten the nap to 3:00. See if that helps.

    We do watch one Calliou before bed.....bad I know. I need to start reading books again. I'll do that as well.
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    my little girl has never liked going to sleep. from the day she was born to now, she's not a fan of sleeping. i think what helped us is me realizing that there is a difference between not wanting to sleep and actually being tired.

    i used to knowingly ignore a lot of the signs that she was tired, especially if a nap didn't fit with our schedule. now rest time takes precedence over any other activity. even if she's only been up for two hours but is still acting or looking like she's sleepy i'll put her down for a nap. i also changed my outlook on nap time. i don't care whether or not you sleep, but you do need to lay quietly in your bed until rest time is over. some days she would fall asleep immediately, some days it would take an hour or more, but regardless of how much time she spent awake, she always got up acting refreshed.
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    My daughter was a terrible sleeper. It's a long story and it went on forever. I really like Sleepless in America. It made a huge difference for us. Everything is so much easier now and she doesn't fight bedtime at all, she just knows it's bedtime...time to shut down. I don't have to be hardcore with the routine, I think even she knows she HAS to sleep.
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    I read somewhere that T.V. before bed does make it harder for them to fall asleep so unless we are having a movie night my kids generally do not watch any T.V. after 5 pm. I also found that cutting out T.V. during the day has helped with naptime. I cut their T.V. to an hour or less a day. I noticed a big difference. Have you tried a set rountine? Like cleaning up, reading stories, brushing teeth, saying goodnight, and then going to bed. You might even read him a stort story while in bed just to get him to sit in it for awhile so maybe it would make him sleepy. Good Luck night time is crazy at my house too.
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    We watch a lot of t.v. in my house, but I make an effort to turn it off in the hours before bedtime. It makes a huge difference.

    Also, when they're having sleep issues, I put them to bed even earlier than I normally would.

    Bedtime at my house is 7pm. Sometimes by the time they've gotten into bed and had a story read, it's 7:30, almost 8 - but I make a big effort to get them in by 7.

    And it's an hour long process, at least. I start getting them in the bathtub around 6pm. Then the routine of brushing teeth and pj's, etc, - usually the bedtime process is a difficult one.

    When they're younger, like toddler age, I find that giving them a bath before bed actually wakes them up, so during that age I give them a bath sometime during the middle of the day.

    If they're not sleeping well, and being a pita during the day, I'm not opposed to putting them in bed at like 6:30 either.
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    My older one likes a light left on. It seems counterintuitive but it works for her. And she likes music sometimes, too. She's not picky about what kind.

    My younger one likes to be slapped on the forehead. Weird, I know.:dontknow:

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    We definitely have a nightly routine. Had one since Chas was really little due to sleep issues. I have started reading books again..just 2 before bed after Caillou...but I'm going to cut out Caillou next week...I've been out of town this week so nothing has happened.

    As for T.V. time...my kids rarely watch anything more than 20 minutes a day but no more than an hour....unless it's the weekend or we have Friday Night Movie time. Chas really won't sit for more than an hour usually.

    I'll see if I can find the Sleepless in America book. I'm also trying to cut down naps...but once again..since I've been gone this week...nothing can really change.

    Thanks for all the advice. Keep it coming... :)
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    we just started DS on melatonin after a ton of research on it and working with his docs.

    So far so good...my only complaint it that now he wakes up earlier...but this is something I have to adjust to...I am used to him getting up at around 9am...it also probably has to do with the time change.

    He is asleep by 10pm and up at around 7. Last night has been the only time so far that he was up in the middle of the night (from about midnight till 2ish). He is also napping again...so he is getting around 11 hours of sleep a day.

    I think he just had major issues with "turning it off". you could tell he was tired, but he did not know how to sleep. We also had 4 medications compounded with syrups that we were fighting against.

    I see a HUGE difference in his behavior already. Is it 100% better? No. But I do find him not acting so out of control 24/7.

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    I definitely think the logic behind no TV late in the day makes sense, but for Solomon it actually helps to watch some Sesame Street before bed; it's the only way he'll sit still and settle down a bit. He loves to read, but reading time is active for him - he gets excited and likes to yell the words, climb on the books (like if there's a picture of a mountain, he'll step on it and yell "you stand on top of the mountain!"). Bathtime is also fun and exciting, not relaxing. So, his bedtime routine is that after bath he snuggles on the couch with Daddy and watches Sesame Street while I put Abram to bed. It's been working well for us.
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    hmm...I get that Pixiecurl...Chas will settle down..snuggle with me to watch Calliou for 20 minutes...then off to bed. I wonder if I combo it...Caillou then a couple of books...

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