Help me style my hair? (;

britt_dubonbritt_dubon Registered Users Posts: 2
Dear Everyone who can help: I am 15 years old and i need to know how i can style my hair so that i still have my natural curls but still have something unique about it. MAybe something 50's / vintage inspired. I have looked everywhere : youtube google etc. but i can only find how to get the curls not style them. I have type 3 curls. like taylor swift and it is about an inch below my shoulders. Thanks a lot


  • helpmycurlhelpmycurl Registered Users Posts: 19
    here is a really cute style that I found on was the winner of the taren916 "Curly Stylez" contest:

    for anymore questions there is a blogger that I found who answers all of my questions and recommends some good yet cheap products:

    she is the best...and she answers my questions pretty quickly tooo! she actually recommended the video i posted above! :)

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