GROSS hair situation...

Last week, I was combing out my hair before hopping in the shower. My scalp was KILLING me, so I asked my husband to come in and look at the top of my head at my scalp and see if I had a scratch or eczema or something. Lo and behold, it was...

A zit! Isn't that icky? I had never had such things happen before, but I had a horrible blemish on the top of my head. Has that happened to anyone else before? My hair has been pretty troublesome lately. I had to sulfate wash this week, and I may have to do it again. My hair has been getting really weighed down, and this pimply scalp isn't helping matters.
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    I am amazed at some of the places I get while I don't think I've had one on my scalp yet, it wouldn't surprise me in the least! Don't feel gross at all :laughing9:
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    It actually happens to me all the time. I have to really pay attention to cleaning my scalp with a low poo occasionally (or ACV) to keep it from happening from the rich products I use. Granted, I'm acne prone. But you have to remember that your scalp is just your skin. The pores on it can get clogged too.
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    It may be due to the products you are using. When I used CK and Paul Mitchell LI conditioners, I used to get zits alone my hair line all the time. I also got the odd one in my hair, particularly on the back of my head for some reason.

    When I stopped using CK and PM conditioners and LI's, I never had a problem after that.
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