2 new things that I learned from my stylist yesterday-tangles and winter hair!

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She has fine hair like mine but a bit curlier. She mentioned that she has better hair in the winter than she does in summer. What? What! I quizzed her more and she asked what my hair is like in winter-even when it was straight. I told her that my hair is not oily, has volume and static in winter. She said that mine may be better in winter, too. She said that some fine, wavies like me get limp hair in summer because the humidity does not "curl up" our hair, but flattens it. Oh, I hope she is right!!

I also showed her my missing chunk area that I cut when I got the tangle. The good news is that since she layered me up, it is all gone! She explained (rymorg and probably the rest of you know this but I did not) that hair with ruffled/raised/damaged cuticle will tangle easier. She ask if I knew when it happened and I told her of the Olefin Sulfonate. I told her that I suspected that and she agreed.
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    Having been cutting my hair bit by bit these days (thanks a LOT, all of you getting Deva cuts which are available only hundreds of miles from me and not in my budget!) and have gone from tangles, tangles, tangles to almost none. Length has something to do with it.
    My older, damaged hair snarled all the time (guess it was grouchy).

    Hope yours is happier in winter. That might make the winter more tolerable.
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    I'm totally like that. I always have better hair in winter than summer. At least, that's how it's been till now. But my hair always changes. That's the only thing constant with it! LOL!
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    I have also had a fear of how my hair would react this winter. I live in the very humid Atlanta area, and thought I might lose my curls this winter. However, we have had very dry days lately, at least to me, (Dew points in the 30's) and my hair actually does better on those days! I was very surprised and happy!:flower:
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    I used to LOVE Summer hair it was so easy and carefree for me. Notice I said "used" to love because this past Summer was horrid! I only got 2nd day hair a handful of times it was a constant struggle with POOF and FRIZZ and glycerin sensitivity which I never ever had in the warmer months. Like Ry my hair keeps changing maybe it's our age :lol: Anyway I'm loving these nice low dew points and cool air. I find I can control my moisture needs more in the colder weather then in the Summer. Hopefully this keeps up!
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