If you have chemo, does your hair eventually always return to the hair texture it was

before chemo?

I'm not currently getting chemo, but I have a high chance of getting cancer later in life, which would probably result in chemo. I don't want to lose the texture of hair I have now, but if my hair were to come back in straight or some such (if I ever did have to have chemo) would it return to the texture it was before chemo eventually, or would it stay straight forever or whatever it grew in as?
And yes, I know I'm overworrying, and my life more important than hair, haha. But just want to know. Thanks!
Some 2b in the back, mostly (using FIA) 2c/F/iii.

Fine hair, normal porosity, and normal elasticity.

I'm still new to this CG stuff, so ANY tips you could give me are appreciated. :)

I have Celiac Disease, which means I can't eat or use products with wheat in it.

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    I've never had cancer or chemo, but like you, I have an extremely high chance of cancer; most of my mother's paternal relatives so far have died of cancer. From the people that I have known who've survived chemo, it takes the hair on average two to four years to return to a similar texture before chemo.
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    I've had chemo, although not so intensive that I lost all my hair. I was on Tarceva for 9 months and I lost about 60-70% of my hair.
    The hair that remained was brittle and dehydrated, the new growth (when it started to re-grow) was growing in the shape of tight 'z' zigzags. I had about .5 to 1" of the zigzags before it smoothed out eventually, and thats when I found this site to learn how to care for my 'new' hair. I figured if I was getting a fresh start with my hair, I was going to treat it right, no matter what texture or wave/curl pattern it returned in.
    So, yes, my hair returned to its previous thickness. Before Tarceva I knew I had a wave to my hair, but treating it right definitely helped to enhance the wave (as it does for many here). Im not sure if it was this curly before chemo, but the wave/curl definately sprung back after stopping treatment and growing out the old Tarceva hair.

    On treatment...my poor hair...:

    a few months ago, and about 3 years after finishing treatment:
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    this is knia of related but no chemo. What if your hair has fallen out due to other medical reasons?? I lost about 60-70% of my hair due to a severe anorexia about 3 years ago and, whilst most of the thickness has grown back in due you think it could still improve??
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    I lost all my hair due to chemo six years ago. My hair returned to its identical texture afterward although thinner because I had gone into menopause by having my ovaries removed. As hair was growing in, it temporaraily had the appearance of being a different texture because it was shorter than I had ever worn my hair. When your hair is only half an inch long, you can't really tell if it has curl -- but once it had regrown to a longer length, I realized it was exactly the same texture as before.

    Try not to worry too much about it. Just be aware of your own body and if you notice anything suspicious, be your own advocate and insist that it be examined or biopsied. (My cancer went undetected by mammograms for some time. When I visually noticed a change in my breast and told my ob-gyn, he told me "90% of women have asymettrical breasts" and said there was nothing wrong...) And he never sent me for any other tests. By the time it was eventually found, it was very large. But even so, six years later, I am healthy (and curly!) Life is good!

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