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So how does olive oil fit into your routine? Leave-in, stlyer (solo or in a combo), pre shampoo, dt? What products do you find it mixes well with or doesn't? How much do you use?

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  • CurlyminxCurlyminx Posts: 5,581Registered Users
    I currently us EVOO in a DC. Before finding this site I was using it mixed in with my LI.

    Both worked really well for me. My hair really likes EVOO.
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  • EllyEllyOxenFreeEllyEllyOxenFree Posts: 6,446Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I use it to seal or in a deep treatment.
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  • DerbyCityNaturalsDerbyCityNaturals Posts: 422Registered Users
    great for sealing. I use it for pre-poo. It can definitely make a mediocre conditioner better. I mix it with aloe and vege glycerin for a styler.
  • generositytgenerosityt Posts: 245Registered Users
    I use it for everything.. almost. I mix it with coconut oil, glycerin, and AVG as a styler. I mix it with honey, castor oil, and shea butter as a DT. And I use it to massage my scalp from time to time. I use it on my face too, once a week. It's an amazing product. God bless EVOO :)
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