Dry Crown....help?

Ok, so, I have this problem of having a really dry crown, and sometimes also the hair around my part, but usually, just my scalp. I have no idea why, just that I do. That hair is also usually really tangled and almost damaged looking.

I did a search a while ago for ways to combat it, and everyone seemed to be suggesting extra moisture, so, I was doing that. In the shower, I always made sure to get that spot when co-washing or when applying the other conditioner. When I am putting the styling stuff into my hair, I get more of my GVP CB and put it on those sections and try to make them curl nicely. When it finally dries it curls okish, but until it is dry it looks and feels horrible.

Any ideas?
Hair type: 3a, med-low porosity, decent elasticity, thin, med-fine. (I think)

Hair Routine:
Low-poo: Burt's Bee's Pomegranate and Soy
Co-wash: V05 Kiwi Clarifying Conditioner, Condish: V05 Kiwi Clarifying Conditioner, Giovanni TTTT, honey
Leave In: GVP Conditioning Balm
Styling: Biotera Curl Cream, Sweet Almond Oil
Techniques: Icequeen method

Hair likes: GVP CB, Biotera Curl Cream, Almond Oil (when wet).
Hair dislikes: gel, plopping.

Hair Goal: Healthy, soft, defined, waist length curls!

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