Some of my hair won't curl--even when I wet it.

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What should I do? I stopped perming in July 2009, big chopped this June and have a 3-4 inch pony tail but there is some hair in the front that seems permanently straight. Full disclosure--when I was transitioning and a little bit after the big shop I was getting the hair blown out and flat-ironed at the salon. I sopped when I discovered this straight problem but what can I do to get the hair back curly? Please help. I think I'm 3C. Does this mean I can't do blow-outs ever again. I was planning on doing it with the same stylist for Thanksgiving.

I appreciate your response in advance


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    I've had the same problem for a while now and did something similar to what you did while I transitioned. Unfortunately it sounds like you're suffering from heat damage on that part of your head; I would know . . I have the same issue. Part of my hair will only get wavy because I did blow outs while I was transitioning and I didn't know much about what it would do to my new growth or the curl pattern. Then I BCed and saw that I had more work to do with only part of my head involving scissors. =/

    Now the only thing I can tell you to do is avoid putting a lot of heat on your head and as your hair grows out do trims to that portion of hair and eventually it should curl like the rest of your hair.

    I suppose using some sort of heat protectant when you straighten would help with preventing further damage your curl pattern on that part of your hair.

    If you have to straighten your hair just get a roller set and sit under a hooded dryer instead of getting it blown out. No extra hot blow driers and say no to flat irons.

    Hope this helps.
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    I have also had the same problem. I agree with the previous post that it is probably because of heat damage. I have also found a problem with my curls in the front forming from pulling my hair in a ponytail to tight and/or for to long. The front of my hair just didn't want to curl correctly. The problem is my hair loves to cover my face and with with BSL it becomes a pain. Instead of pulling my hair back I have been wearing a headband which has been helping. If I just can't take it and need to pull my hair back I have been using banana clips or sticks so that I do not pull my curls to tight.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem or it just me?
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    You know what, I have this exact same problem with the hair up front and with my canopy. The only thing that has worked well is getting my canopy sopping wet, scrunch in [buylink=]Kinky Curly Curling custard[/buylink] and diffuse and scrunch the hair toward my scalp like nobody's business-a little work but my hair looks fab after this..

    Now the very front..hmmm..I THOUGHT I had heat damage too because I straightened my hair my entire 7 month transition. But even after almost two years of growth (from 1 in to 11 inches) this section was still wavy even on the best day. I recently cut this section to make a bang and although I very rarely use any heat on my hair this part still looks like a wild puff ball. fix is to pin the hair back (usually with a black bobby pin) and take a little condish/oil/gel mixture and make about 5 coils. Diffuse this section a bit until set and let air dry for as long as possible then unravel the coils. This gives me cute little coils/curls every time.

    **Disclaimer** I use a leave-in with a heat protectant whenever I diffuse. Also, I only do this with my WNGs which I limit to 1/week styling HTH!:toothy7:


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    The same happened to me. I had like 4 inches of hair that wouldnt curl because of heat damage. I had to cut them. Now I have a few inches that are some kind of 3a, and like 5 more inches from the roots down that are my original 3c hair.

    What I do is lots of protein treatment. The first time I did one I noticed a change on my damaged hair.
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    Ive had the same problem. for years i have straightened my hair with a flat iron. In 2007 I got a relaxer for the first time in my life and my hair started to break off. I got my hair cut and grew the relaxer out. Part of the left side, my bangs are wavy and the back near my neck is straight. The left side even grows straight and the roots are straight. I'm curious as to why.
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    I had this problem too both times going natural. This second time around I made sure not to flat-iron it so much, but that doesn't make a difference.

    I do wear ponytails and my hair gets kinky straight when I wear it back. I don't know how to really explain it, but it gets straight as if I blowdried it. I'm thinking that if I wear my hair out more without putting back it might curl some.
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    Who knew! Now that I know this, it's time I get started working on a hair routine!
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    A girl I know told me yesterday that I should wear my hair out more. Maybe it will start to curl up. I cant see myself doing that since the left side is doing one thing and the right is doing another.
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    A girl I know told me yesterday that I should wear my hair out more. Maybe it will start to curl up. I cant see myself doing that since the left side is doing one thing and the right is doing another.

    Have you considered twist-outs or braid-outs to disguise the differences while your hair is being worn out? I would suggest that, or protective styling (double-stranded twists, up-dos, loose buns) combined with protein treatments to help combat any heat damage. Check out CurlyNikki's website for more information on twist outs - there's a lot of info on that over there.

    I've dealt with heat damage before - when I did, a quick protein treatment or deep conditioner helped. I also stayed away from wash n go's for a couple of weeks. A twist/braid out will help you stay away from wetting the hair too much while you are recovering from any heat damage and restoring your hair's cuticle.

    Light & Care,
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    thanks for your suggestions. Ive been looking at various sites, Curly Nikki is one of them. I have done twist outs. The end result is nice I just hate all the shrinkage. My hair hits at my collar bone. The right side shrinks just below my ear and the left some of it reaches to my shoulders and the rest is just curly. I usually pull it into a high bun or low bun. My main style is a low bun with side twists. Like the picture I posted. I don't know how to french braid so I stick to what I know how to do. do.06305_alba.jpg
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    sure thing nakupenda901 :)

    I really wish you all the best during you're working against your heat damage. For some reason, I can't see the picture you posted but you may just want to try sticking to double-stranded twists, you can pin them to one side in a loose chignon, style them up, etc.... There are some creative up-do's out there. Try YouTube for ideas and keep checking curlynikki for ideas on up-dos to protect your hair - she does a fierce friday segment (I forget the exact name) where readers send pics of their hairstyles and some send tutorials along with that. Also try googling chisellecouture - she recently deleted her youtube channel but maybe there are some pics of her twist up-dos out there.

    Are you doing protein treatments? My hair does not do well with protein so when I do a protein treatment, it's usually in one quick shot with something like ApHogee - I've used this for heat damage and over-conditioning a few times before.

    The best thing right now it to be patient, and become very familiar with protective styling. As your hair grows out, clip the ends to get rid of any damage that's beyond repair. I would advise you stay away from heat but if you must straighten with heat, try using grapeseed oil as a heat protectant and don't keep your hair straight for too long.

    Keep us all posted and let us know of your progress.

    If I'm losing balance in a pose, I stretch higher towards God and He steadies me. It works every time, and not just in yoga
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    thanks for the info. I have done a protein treatment twice (not in a row). Ive been natural for years, but I have stopped straightening and blow drying since June. I'm going to stick to doing the research and protective styling.
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    I was told that vinegar will help curls snap back after straightening. Is this true? I have natural curly hair, I can pull it back and that will straighten it, I do sew ins on occasions, but for some reason the hair right in the front will never curl back up like the rest of my hair, so irritating!!! Was told vinegar would help, just scared to try it... I do not use heat on my hair and I do conditioner on a regular basis, so my hair is not dry. Help!!