Deva curl is not working for my 2b- 2c hair

aliaspink23aliaspink23 Posts: 4Registered Users
Okay so I spend a grip on this deva curl no poo and one conditioner. the first day I used these products it gave my hair such body and wave definition I could have cried.

Then my heart was broken because the next time I washed it my hair was sad and limp. I don't know what I am doing wrong I've tried using different amounts of each and even tried the gel.I don't wash my hair everyday so that isn't the issue,
I really want this to work because I can't return it I already used too much of the product

I'm not a expert on curly but I will say my hair is damaged from dying it and I have issues with my hair and it holding moisture. I tried twisting it too but its just not like it was the first time I used it.

Are there any 2's that use deva curl and have had a similar experience or have a method of using this product that I could try.


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    I LOVE the One Condition but do not use the NoPoo. I use another LowPoo with it. Have you tried using them each with something else?

    Do you just use a bit of the NoPoo? Rinse SUPER well, One Condition all over or just on ends?

    Tell me more and I will try to help, if I can!!
    I'm 47. Straight hair until 6/2010. THANKS, thyroid!
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    hello so this is the deal

    I have tried the no poo several different ways. I have tried a little i've tried alot i've tried from roots down..but I don't think I tried the bottom up. I have also varied the amounts of one condition I have used. I never get the volume I got on the first day and I used it the exact same way I used it on the first time.

    I have never used another low poo I have always used tresseme shampoo, conditioner for curly hair or neutrogena hair repair shampoo conditioner. I get okay results nothing amazing.

    I don't know if this is important but I died my hair not to long ago and I think I damaged it alittle. I usually don't moisturize or put anything in my hair daily keep it from frizzing or put my hair up so I think the moisture gets sucked up from my hair.

    If you could recommed some affordable no poo's and daily moisturizers Or if you could shed some light on what I am doing wrong with deva curl I would be very greatful.
  • hecatemelhecatemel Posts: 31Registered Users
    I had the same problem as you did. The first day I use No-Poo + OneC I thought I was dreaming! After a couple of weeks of that combi (I wash my hair about once every 2 days because I go to the gym often and I perspire ALOT) my hair became blah. Very limp and felt gunky.

    I went out to get the [buylink=]low-poo[/buylink] instead after reading that some people just don't take to no-poo very well. Maybe that's just what you need? I've also read that some stylists recommend using no-poo once a week and [buylink=]low-poo[/buylink] for the rest of the wash days. I guess different products work differently on different people?

    I also leave in some OneC after I'm done though, then I scrunch in some [buylink=]B'Leave-In[/buylink] & Angell and plop, and then spritz some Set it Free.

    (Yes I love Deva products)

    I've got 2C hair btw, hope this helps!!!

    2b/c, thick, medium-coarse and Currently using

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    Low Poo: DevaCurl Low Poo
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    Many of us start out with Deva products. Around here, it's a love/hate relationship. I was a 2 when I used them (winter wavy/summer 3a.) Originally, they made the waves a bit curlier--but not a whole lot. I found the more natural products that my hair prefers. Now, my hair looks like my signature picture every day. Now my hair is more moisturized and it's curlier even with no product.

    I find the Deva NoPoo very drying since they changed the formula. They carry Deva products at my salon, but I won't let them use them. I bring my own CJ Daily Fix. I'm not a cowasher (I tried it for six months, my hair likes natural soap bars better.) I use the CJ Daily Fix every few weeks for it chelating properties.

    Deva just might not be for you. Also, many of us rotate products. My hair satiates on product (even back in the shampoo/conditioner days.) I seldom use any one product more then twice a week.
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    I'm not a 2 but love Deva products, most anyway. Sorry they are not working for you. Instead of feeling like you're throwing your money away, you can always try selling them on the swap board or trading for other products you want to try. There are a lot of wonderful products out there....curl junkie, spiral solutions, kinky curly, curls...and more. Hope you find something that works for you.
    $5 off first order at iherb use code KEY066

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