Advice on growing curly hair?

CurlyGurl144CurlyGurl144 Registered Users Posts: 10
i have mostly 3c hair and 4a on the sides. my hair is about neck length and i have no idea how to grow my hair longer...and advice, please?


  • MintaMinta Registered Users Posts: 45
    Have you trimmed your ends? I'd make sure you don't put too much products on your scalp because that is where the hair grows.

    Other than that try to eat right and be patient. I believe the hair grows about an inch each month or depending on the individual.
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  • StormVixenStormVixen Registered Users Posts: 14
    dont cut it (ok maybe micro-trim or search and destroy split ends.)

    dont rip through tangles with a comb, try to untangle them gently... if it is small and wont untangle snip it out.

    dont use excessive heat or harsh chemicals. (this includes some shampoos and even some conditioners)

    use a wide tooth comb on hair saturated with conditioner.

    use a sleep bonnett or satin/silk pillowcase.

    wear protective styles, silk scarves... especially on windy days, to avoid too many tangles...

    be aware of what is happening to your hair... i.e. it gets caught in seatbelts, rubs on chairs, caught in zips, car doors and windows...

    a good, balanced diet is a must for healthy hair... some foods and suppliments might help hair grow faster and stronger.

    gentle scalp massage will improve bloodflow to the scalp...

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  • KylieLynchKylieLynch Registered Users Posts: 4
    I have 3b-ish hair that I'm trying to grow out. I'm a competitive swimmer so my hair is constantly in chlorine. My hair length is about my shoulder lenght when dry. It has been about a year and my hair has only grown about an inch. Is there anything I can do to make my hair grow faster?

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