Slinking back to CG...and need advice...

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Okay, so I am crawling back to CG after a two year hiatus...maybe even three...ugh.
I don't know what my problem is...I got divorced, started dating, and decided I needed to have straight hair to catch a date I guess?? Oy. While my hair is still relatively healthy, i'm just tired of the constant blow I busted out all of my old CG routine tricks...
But before I did so, I bought a boat load of Ouidad's Climate Control gel for days that I did want to be curly. and it worked GREAT! My curls looked realllly nice. (and I was still shampooing and condishioning with Loreal (sulfate free) at the time)
But of course, now that I'm full on CG again, this gel has cones, so I tossed it to the side. (crying because of how much it cost) Since then I've gone through the whole thing...trying every kind of gel out there and nothing works as well....
Soo, I'm wondering if it build up if I used it all week and maybe shampooed once a week followed by a super DT? Or is that just asking for trouble?
And now that I think about it, maybe it worked so well because I was only using it once or twice a week.....
hmmm....I forgot how difficult this process was!!!


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    Welcome back! There are a ton of new products that are available since you did CG before. I personally don't use gel, but there are many that the ladies love. Read and learn.
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    Thanks Kathy! it's nice to be back....I sent an email to Ouidad's customer service and this is what I got back

    Dear Angela, Thank you for writing in. Dimethicone (quartz) This is water –soluble surface-active compound is derived from the mineral quartz; reduces friction and static while holding moisture and adding softness and slip. The silicone used in Ouidad products is made from crystalline quartz, which is water soluble. It’s not made from Petra chemicals, which is oil based and smothers the hair

    Washing your hair rinses away dirt and oils and returns moisture to your hair. When you don’t shampoo frequently enough, the secretion of the oils combined with styling products and other debris from the environment will block your hair follicles and prevent vital nutrients from reaching the hair and scalp. Shampoo every second or third day with a gentle moisturizing shampoo. This category requires constant hydration-dryness will cause it to frizz and break. It is still important to rinse daily with warm water, then follow with detangling rinse on the ends to keep the hair moist and to revive your hair. Please let me know if I can help you further.

    Best regards

    I explained to them that I only co wash....are they saying this is bad? I think I'm going to post this response on a general board too to see what everyone thinks....

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