HELP! Can't do CG anymore.

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Hi Everyone
I posted in 3C and haven't gotten any response, so I hope cross-posting is ok as I'm a 3B/3C mix and I really need some advice.

After more than 2 wonderful years using the CG method, I'm in China on a two year expat assignment and getting CG friendly products is a nightmare! If I do find something that's CG, it's $15 a bottle for a small thing of conditioner and well, I could potentially plow through it in one or two showers. So, I'm thinking I need to give up the CG routine or I'll be broke and the point of me being here is so my husband and I can save and pay off debt.

There are a ton of options for haircare here, just not CG. I have access to most of the TIGI and BedHead line, Loreal (but not the studio line, darn!) in the pink and yellow containers (I think this is the professional line), and the Chinese Vidal Sassoon. Also, I can get Shiseido obviously. They have a gentle line, so I was thinking that. I rather do Loreal or VS for money reasons, but am open to suggestions.

I found that Shiseido Ultra Mild Shampoo is cone free so that might be a good gentle cleanser if I need to get some gunk out from using cones.

HELP! I'm out of my U.S. products in about a week!


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    Is the Shiseido Ultra Mild Shampoo a low-poo, i.e. free of sulfate detergents? If so, it could be used as a low-poo, if you need a low-poo.

    I have absolutely no idea about Chinese haircare products.

    Come to think of it, I also have no idea what your hair qualities are.

    However, going on that premise, I think I'd be looking at what I could cook up in the kitchen. Flaxseed gel is an obvious one, although I have no idea about the availability of flaxseeds (also called linseeds) in China. I've also made a decent gel by mixing a good sized glob of aloe vera gel with a few drops of jojoba oil between my hands, then applying directly. Conditioner could be made with shea butter, jojoba oil, and coconut oil. There's a whole section of the board devoted to homemade hair products. Recipes for Hair and Body.

    I'm assuming you have a fridge, put possibly a rather small one. You might want or need to refrigerate your gel, or other products which have any non-oil or butter components unless you use a preservative. OTOH, if your apartment isn't all that warm, or is only warm while you're there, spoilage mightn't be as much a problem. I also remember that my mother kept things which needed to be chilled out on the windowsill when we lived in a flat in Scotland which didn't have a fridge, so that might be another option. FWIW, I use several drops of grapefruit seed extract in my flaxseed gel, as a preservative, and have not had a problem with spoilage.

    I hope this helps.

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    I also second creating your own products. You may be able to combine this with some of the store-bought items you get. Because of the cold and Chinese herbal medicinal history, I'd see if there is anything similar to shea, mango or cocoa butter that you could mix in with a natural oil as a DT. If you're in a large enough city, maybe you may have access to some Ayurvedic products/ingredients.
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    Thanks! My hair is medium with normal to high porosity. I currently use V05 as a co-wash, suave as a conditioner, a small amount of LOOB and HE Set Me Up Gel, olive oil as a sealant.

    I need a deep conditioner for sure and might look into making stuff!

    Thanks so much!

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