anyone use a pick/rake?

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I know it may not be CG but I find I have to go through my hair with an afro pick that I bought many years ago when I used to get curly perms. My hair is only a 2a/b but often I can get some decent waves/curls but it looks really messy when dry unless i gently pull the pick through it. anneh

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    Funny, I was JUST coming on the board to post a similar question. I'm a 2a/b and am utterly confused by the one-line advice in the CG book for wavies: "Never brush your hair."

    How does that work? My fine wavy hair would mat into dreadlocks, even with finger-combing, if I didn't comb it from time to time. Right now I am just using the edge of a fat-toothed hair comb to straighten out the curls in the morning....but they still look pretty messy.
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    "Never brush your hair" is not carved in stone. It was written by a curly stylist. Living with waves, you know how messy-looking wavy hair can get. If you gel or mousse and don't comb all day, you will look like somebody who gelled or moussed and didn't comb all day.
    This look works really great for some people's hair and not for others.

    I think it can make fine hair look more fine and thin if it is long.

    If you used a hard-hold gel, it's difficult to comb and that would be a bad gel to use. Softer-hold products give you the option to comb without all the pain and ripped out hairs.
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    Many people use a denman brush to detangle their hair when it is saturated with conditioner.

    There are some wavies that prefer their waves brushed out. A woman who posted here months ago had lovely rita hayworth style waves when brushed.

    Combing your hair causes a small amount of damage each time you do it. The cumulative damage of daily brushing adds up.

    I found that after I started CG, my hair became much easier to comb. There are lots of people that have hair that just tends to tangle. If your hair tangles, do a search for "slip". Slip is the name people here use describe conditioners that make hair easier to comb. They are said to have slip. (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
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    I think the reasons for the "no brushing" rule are to prevent hair breakage and to prevent separating clumps. But like IAgirl said, that doesn't work for everyone.

    My hair used to dry into a tangled mess too. I've found that gently brushing while wet (and avoiding scrunching) solved that problem. I no longer need to run a comb through my hair once dry!

    So even if it breaks CG rules, you should do what works best for you. :iconbiggrin:
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    I usually comb a couple times a week when I'm in the shower with my rinse out conditioner already raked through my hair. My hair is usually pretty tangle free naturally unless it's been particularly windy!

    I just like the feeling of combed hair, otherwise it just starts to feel "funky."
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    IAgirl wrote: »
    If you gel or mousse and don't comb all day, you will look like somebody who gelled or moussed and didn't comb all day.

    So true! I gently comb through my hair with a pick once it's bone dry, especially the undercanopy (or whatever you call it!). Otherwise my fine 2b hair looks like a rat's nest. Picking gives me big soft waves that tend to clump together. I'm all for it!

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    I also pick my hair as a last step. Especially the underside, which looks unkempt if I don't. I agree that this advice (not to brush) is for the higher hair numbers who have a problem with breakage.
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    I use a hair pick to place my waves once I take off my plop shirt. I find using my hands to move my hair around when it's wet makes me frizz so I use the hair pick instead.
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    I live in a windy town, so if I spend much time outside, I usually need to comb at least once toward the end of the day, no matter how much slip my products have. I use a pick sometimes or a wide-tooth comb, depending on what's handy. And yes, it pulls apart any clumps and good curl formation, but I don't mind having smoothed out waves when it means fewer snarls!
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