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I have been transitioning for almost a year now. During my transitioning, I have learned to stay away from products containing mineral oil, sulfate, and petroleum. However, purchasing products that do not contain any of these harsh ingredients tend to be expensive. The lesser expensive products usually contain mineral oil or sulfate. I want to go natural without it being costly.

The maximum I am willing to spend for any hair product is $15 ($30 for a kit). Currently, the main products I used are Organic Root Stimulator and Hollywood Beauty. I can only afford to buy the higher end (Kinky Curly, Beautiful Curls, and Miss Jessie's) products during a sell. Are there any drug store/beauty supply brands that will achieve similar results to the higher end brands?



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    I'm not sure (As I haven't used them), but I will be stalking this thread.

    Btw, (off topic, I know, but) what do you think of the Organic Root Stimulator?
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    I really like Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise, Hair Fertilizer, Fertilizing Serum, and Jojoba Oil. Note, the Hair Fertilizer does contain mineral oil and petroleum. However, it does work for my hair.

    As far as their shampoos, I alternate between the Aloe Vera and Uplifting shampoo. I am not a fan of either shampoo, but it cleanses my hair.


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    u can try shea moisture from target.com or amazon
    their stuff is $10 per item
    4a/b-whatever! with a twa
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    I, too, am on a budget and I'm also a PJ! I have splurged on the expensive Kinky Curly stuff (but didn't even like it and ended up selling it), but I can't afford to do that all the time. My favorite drug store/beuty supply brands are as follows:
    Renpure Organics- My pretty hair is parched moisturizing shampoo and conditioner (the ones in the red bottles) (I can only find these at Walgreens)
    Organix- Coconut milk shampoo and condish (white bottles gold top)(walgreens, CVS, walmart)
    Herbal Essences- Hello Hydration and Long term relationship conditioners
    Biolage Conditioning Balm- available at Sally's
    Biotera Curl Creme and Gel- also at Sally's
    Marc Anthony- Curl Envy & Curl Perfection Curl Lotions (CVS_
    Ecostyler- Sally's or CVS
    Aussie Moist- CVS or walmart
    My new love is homemade flaxseed gel- give it a try, its not expensive and totally worth it

    PS. I should add that I'm not CG so while I do look at ingredients, some of these products do contain silicones, no mineral oil or petroleum though.

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    I talk about BB Moisturizer Oil all over the place. You can get it at Sally's or Wal-mart. It has simply done wonders for my hair and scalp as a leave-in. I do like the Hollywood Beauty Carrot Oil as well as a hot oil treatment.
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    Thanks guys for the advice.I haven't had a chance to respond because I was testing out new products on my hair. I found making my own shea butter mixture and hair spritz has been great to my hair and wallet.

    I have decided to STOP using ORS shampoo line. After using Mixed Chicks shampoo, I noticed my hair did not feel "rough." ORS shampoo line really dried out my hair. However, I am still sticking to ORS Hair Mayo.


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    OnyxK. wrote: »
    u can try shea moisture from target.com or amazon
    their stuff is $10 per item

    Cosign! Makes my hair super soft and it is very affordable! I also like Elasta QP. Some of the products are really cheap and work WONDERS! Good luck! :o)
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