summer/winter go-to products/changes??

I want to ask everyone what their go-to summer hg's are and what they switch to in winter.

ive just been experimenting too much and i need some direction...

ive read its better to go for lighter more liquidy products in summer and more creamy, conditioning things in winter - but i also read the opposite!

what about co-washing vs no sulfate cleansing as far as do you do more co washes in winter or summer and vice versa because ive also seen contradicting statements about this...

in summer: my hair likes [buylink=]b'leave in[/buylink] alone, [buylink=]ag recoil[/buylink] + [buylink=]curl keeper[/buylink], jcrr +jccc (however none of these give CONSISTENCY) and now that winter is coming i realized they dont work the same and it would be great to think: i need to have good hair on thursday so i am going to use ________ and ________. but i feel like im ALWAYS experimenting!!
can go between 2b-3b (makes styling full of suspense)
poo: WINTER organix pomegranate, sojourn moisture SUMMER nopoo
COwash: Renpure body & shine, TJ's nourish
LI: CJ beauticurls LI, curl rehab
Stylers: WINTER CIAB, cccclite, AG recoil, HE BE mousse SUMMER b'leave in, CK, AG recoil
2nd day Refresher: JCCC after water spritzing

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