Differant patterns driving me nuts!

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I have a mix of patterns on my head, some 3a and even 3b underneath and then 3a at the front and 2c, 3a and 2b on the canopy. It is driving me absoulty insane!! What can I do to bump it all up to 3a status?? Anything?? I use pretty protein heavy products already :(
Mixture of 2c/3a curls, fine to med texture

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Wishing my hair would be more like this
> :angel13:
and less like this
> :evil5:


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    I used to have the reverse problem, and now my bottom layer is curling nicely and my front strands have gone less curly. If it's a really bad day, I just clip them back honestly, because then at least I can have the bottom curl showing.
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    I think you have my hair (fine texture 3a/3b on the bottom, 3a in the front, waves on canopy) I went in for a haircut a few weeks ago, and the hairstylist said that she could cut the canopy so that it bounced up more into spirals, but leave the overall length of the hair. It worked! So I recommend getting your layers adjusted if you haven't had a trim in awhile, along with drying with a diffuser (making sure to scrunch out excess water with a tshirt or non-terrycloth towel first. Also, play around with the amounts/consistency of products. I am starting to find that spray gels and stylers of a thin consistency do better than thick, oily creams to keep loose,fine curls bouncy. Thick stylers can stretch out the curl pattern before it drys.
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    Hey, Robiha!

    I actually had a similar problem to this. If you want to read some of the suggestions I got, the thread can be found here:


    Best of luck! :)

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