Vinegar only conditioning

oreaelenioreaeleni Posts: 2Registered Users
Has anyone used a poo bar and then rinsed with vinegar only, instead of using conditioner?

I've read about this on a few different websites (bubble and bee organic and terressentials).

Thoughts on this method?


  • oreaelenioreaeleni Posts: 2Registered Users

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  • DerbyCityNaturalsDerbyCityNaturals Posts: 422Registered Users
    I have not tried it but I know a lot of naturals who use black soap and then follow with a acv rinse (1 part acv to 10 parts water) but I have not heard of them not conditioning afterward. I guess it just depends on you hair and what it likes.
  • morrighumorrighu Posts: 707Registered Users
    Vinegar removes mineral deposits and other things from your hair. It's not a "conditioner" per se.

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