FUN Activity for Seattle Curlies

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Remember at our last gathering I mentioned I was part of a group that did wild and fun activities within the Seattle area.

Well this one is hysterical! Here is the info directly copied from the organizer. I WILL be doing this. Hope some of you girls can join me in your bridal finest or no to finest.

In other news, I think we should also get together some other time in (maybe) march 28/29th? for some food/drinks and maybe a little bar hopping!

Ok here is this info for the 15th event.

Hey, Brides!

Getcher garters out and your dresses pressed, 'cause we're just TWO WEEKS
AWAY from the 3RD ANNUAL BRIDES OF MARCH!!! Be sure to put Saturday,
March 15th on your calendar.

What is the Brides of March, you ask? Welllll, every year, we, the Bride,
marry a significantly phallic Seattle icon. First year it was the
Hammering Man. Last year it was the Space Needle. This year? THE
MONORAIL! And best of all, we get to culminate the wedding by CLIMBING
ABOARD our studly new hubby and PLOUGHING THROUGH THE E.M.P.! Trains &
tunnels - what more could a girl ask??

This year the plan is to start early and enjoy some daylight festivities
before we all go get blind drunk. Sooo, we'll gather at the Seattle
Center House at about 4pm - that's the huge food court - and do any last
minute, er, adjustments to our decolletage. Then, it's on to the bumper
cars and mini-golf at the Fun Forest Amusement Park! Photo op, girls!
Then, before we can join our betrothed, we have to say goodbye to LAST
year's old laundry, the Space Needle! After a quickie divorce, it's on to

You want to know more, you say? Well lookie here! You'll find pictures
and writeups of previous years, and even last year's wedding vows!

See you in 14 short sweet days, girls!

Bride Ivan


  • msrebamsreba Registered Users Posts: 143
    Anyone home? No one wants to go out for a drink?
  • mrspoppersmrspoppers Registered Users Posts: 7,223 Curl Novice
    I can't go because that night we're celebrating the start of my new job. I do like drinks though! icon_smile.gif
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  • msrebamsreba Registered Users Posts: 143
    Ok What about the other thing. The 28/29th? Anyone?

    Will you still be celebrating at that time?

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