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I have always had 3b hair, and I believe I still do as my roots and the pieces around my hairline are still 3b ringlets. My issue, however, is that my hair is having a hard time curling, which I'm certain is due to 10 years of flat-ironing and coloring. It is a little frustrating as my curl pattern is pretty wonky, going from a 3b to a 3a and sometimes a 2 near the ends.

Has anyone else had any experience with this? What routine did you follow to whip your hair back in shape, and approximately how long did it take? Thanks in advance!


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    Well, I would recommend following the Curly Girl program.

    Essentially, you need to give up heat styling, and brushing or combing your hair when dry. You should also stop using hair products with sulfate detergents, silicones, and petroleum products.

    There are good guidelines on Live Curly, Live Free, [URL="://"]WikiHOW[/URL], and, of course here on


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    The same happened to me after a few months of totally abusing the use of flat iron and blow driers. I'm a 3c and my ends were like a 2b! I had to cut a few inches becasue my hair just wasn't curlying! I started taking care of it just a few weeks ago and I'm already seeing results. Lots of protein treatment, Deep Treatments, no shampoo, no sulfates, no silicones... it's a lot of work, but its working.

    Good luck!!
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    Thank you! I've been following your advice, although I do still diffuse for a couple of minute because I haven't mastered the plop, and my hair is looking much better. I think I'll need about an inch cut off of my ends because that hair doesn't seem to want to heal, but it doesn't look horrible so I'm in no rush.

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