Help me decide: more 2c or 3a?

amberr79amberr79 Registered Users Posts: 41
So I am not sure what my hair type is. I would love for you 2a's to chime in and let me know what you think.

The first pics. are with product, the last pic is just conditioned, no product in it.


  • IAgirlIAgirl Registered Users Posts: 2,540 Curl Neophyte
    I'd put you in the 2s based on the "hair tends to lie close to the head" qualifier. Lots of us 2s can get some very nice curls and spirals and coils, but they don't want to stand away from the scalp. There is a lot of overlap because 3a says "hair gets curlier with length" and the same can be said for some 2s.

    If it helps you initially, then categorize your hair. Sometimes having a name for what we're working on is how we start taking action.

    Swing on over to the 2s board, hang around the 3s board. Lots to learn, lots of helpful people, and of course, lots of great hair.

    If it helps, I would say (tiny pics!) you have lovely, wavy, tousled curls. Very "in" right now.
  • preachteachgrowpreachteachgrow Banned Banned Users Posts: 6
    Probably listed my pic in the wrong section. I think I am a 3 b or 3c but am not sure.

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