help my THIN hair!

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Hi everyone!
I need some advice. I feel that my hair is too thin, I'm 21 now and it feels thinner than some years ago. I must be a 2b. I want to grow my hair long but i'm tired of it falling flat on my scalp, I wish it had a little more life. The ends are feeling crunchy and dry now, and I try to use leave-ins and creams but too much moisture weighs it down and flattens it. Maybe it's time for a cut. What type of cut should I get? What exactly does a layered cut involve? Does it mean a cut that's V shaped at the back, or it includes hairs on top being shorter too? Is that good for waves? (I'm not too crazy about the V). What else could be good for thin hair?


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    I have thin/fine hair and it is hard to work with. It needs lots of moisture, so I have that to deal with as well.

    My avatar is only about a month old, so you can see that I have layers and personally, I like the "v" look just because on me, the straight across cut is not flattering. Layers help my hair to look fuller.

    Products help, too. What are you using so we can help offer suggestions. Are you CG (full or modified)?
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    thanks for the reply! I like that V, I'm not talking about perfectly straight, I just don't like it when it's too pronounced on long hair. I have read about CG but I don't have access to the book because I live in Chile and it's not available here (by the way the variety on curly products isn't great here). I tried co washing for about a week but my hair got extremely greasy, and the conditioner really weighed it down although I rinsed it for a long time, so I gave up on that. For hold I have been using homemade flaxseed gel and it is working well, and I use creams for moisture but lately they just make my hair flatter and it looks thinner :( (that's why I think it may be time for a cut)

    any ideas :?:
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    Hello lady stardust! We have an Italian here as well who had a hard time getting her hand on the CG book. This website has a lot of good tips on curl care from the book. Alot of us 2s have trouble CO washing. I sure did! I use a low poo (something with no sulfates in it - organic ones work really well) and a light conditioner that I don't rinse out all the way. Then I add a little conditioner to my gel before putting it on WET hair. About once a month I wash with vinigar to get any build up off and then do an oil treatment. That is my modified CG routine! It really makes a difference!

    I have layers, but fot the opposite reason. I have tons of hair and if I don't layer I look like I have a pyramid of hair ending in my pointy head. ;o) Feel free to peek at my Fotki...

    The trouble is that changes in diet and weather (and I think even just the way you looked at it that morning - LOL) can change what you need to use. Feel free to ask lots of questions. I still do!

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