Milk and Cereal (DIET questions)

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1. What are the most healthiest cereals to eat when trying to lose weight?

2. Is 1% milk healthier than Silk Soy milk?

Thanks :)
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    I think that finding cereals that are low fat and don't have a lot of sugar are probably best. Homemade granola is awesome. Anything in moderation

    Either 1% or soy is fine, again...moderation is key
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    Cheerios are very low in fat and sugar. Shredded wheat is low in everything - I throw in a few broken up walnut pieces and have it with skim milk. Oatmeal is always great. I put nuts in that too. It fills you up. If you buy the quick oats it takes only a minute or so to cook.

    I don't like sugary cereals in the a.m. so that's not a problem for me, but if you prefer them, just read the labels and pick one that isn't very caloric. I think Special K if it is still around is a sweeter cereal that isn't very high in calories.

    Good luck!

    Good luck!
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