PRO's Cons' of Miss jessies Quick Curls??

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Hi All.

I am considering going back to Miss Jessie Quick Curls over the Fall/Winter. It takes less time to dry in the morning... compared to Kinky Curly Products.(love them too)

It is a little too expansive but on the up side I have great hair every time I used it.

I bought the 2 oz size for 9.00
And am deciding if the 8oz at 32.00 is going to last As I use it every day...

I would like pro's and cons of those that have used Quick Curls and if they have been able to find a cheaper product that works just as well??

Thanks ladies/gents

3B/3C Fine
Medium Porosity
Loo-poo (Spring/ Summer) /No- poo(fall/ winter)
Loo-poo Mastey Traite Cream Shampoo no SLS
No-poo Aussie 3MM or VO5 Vanilla Tea
Bi -racial :Black and Italian Yah!!
Originally from Ithaca, NY
Now Southern CA

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