Curly man here - From Short to Shoulder length (PICS)

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I posted a picture on the 3b pic thread that someone took of me the other day and I realised that my hair has really grown in a year. I made the mistake of starting to grow it from shaved sides and back so I am still to achieve the final look but it is starting to now all fit together nicely. I initially didn't plan on growing it long hence the sides and back need to catch up. All the hair volume comes from the top, I have a lot of hair. The hair from the top measures about 10 inches when stretched but does recoil like it is going out of business thus growing it is a long procedure.

The time interval between both pics is exactly one year.

Just wanting to give an example for those men who want to grow their hair and are not heavy metal fans, old and balding, or freaks. Of course, don't plan on working in a bank if you want to have nice flowing curls!

Kind Regards.


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    woowww incredible curls :)
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    CurlieTop wrote: »
    woowww incredible curls :)

    Thanks, lets see how it all pans out once the sides catch up.
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    i think i envy your hair. :O
    really reallyyyyyy realy awesome 3b curls. :D
    Soon from shoulder length to bra length, while curly.

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    Your hair looks great! Wanna grow mine too.
  • JysonJyson Registered Users Posts: 18
    Nice hair! I plan on growing my hair out to that lenght as well.
    - Jason
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    I would advise to not do anything to damage the natural curl pattern. Don't use any heat not even a dryer and also be careful when combing out or detangling.

    Mine is starting to reach mid back length but only been growing for a year. Mine grew long fast too.

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