please direct me to an updated CG product list

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Hey girls, I used to post on here daily a couple of years ago but its been awhile. Is there a link to an updated page that lists the current cone free conditioners and sulphate free shampoos and those with no proteins?
I used to have that sweetpea curly link saved but I think the list was starting to be outdated. I know there are new products and some of the ones I have been using (like the V-05 conditioners) are starting to get harder and harder for me to find. So I wondered if there is an updated list of CG friendly products on here or anywhere that someone could point out to me. (I guess I mean a list of the kinds you can buy in the store because I know how to find products to buy from curlmart) Thanks!
2c thick, heavy waves. Started CG (lo poo) in July '07. before that I straightened it and used hot rollers for years. pw wavy


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