I have been trying this product for the past two weeks and am liking it. I've been using the no-poo cleanser and One Condition. I don't need any other products, after using it, as my hair stays nice, full body, and "S-curly" with just these two products :) I have been having a slight issue of feeling as if not all of the products has been washed out, esp the hair underneath, by my neck. I scrub and rinse for a minute with each product. Is there any tricks of the trade you would recommend?


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    i know some people use different methods that suggest rinsing your hair upside down.
    me personally, when i rinse out, i have to take the top half of my hair and hold it up out of the way while kinda tilting it to the side. i have to do that bc if i just try to let the water rinse through on the top, i would have your issue...
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    You might want to use a little more NoPoo in that section, and definitely should rinse out your hair upside down.

    You may however be noticing something which many people experience initially. Most of us are simply not used to the feel of healthy, properly moisturized, clean hair. What we think of as normal clean hair has been stripped of all its natural oils, and coated with silicones. The hair at the nape of your neck, being better protected, may just be recovering faster.

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