Major hair color mess please help!!!!

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So I needed change of some sort and went to my stylist to get a cut and color. I have virgin hair that hasn't been colored in years anyhow I'm naturally a level 6 or so a medium brown with gold undertones and a tad ashy... Angle I really wanted a rich chocolate it came out instead a dark mocha with some odd red I thought it was ok when I left the salon but as the day went on I hated it and want it gone asaaaaap it looks hideous on me. What can I do??? I already contacted my stylist but I'm in another state so I can't go back... I'm also scared to go to another stylist and have another mess up.... I have washed with a clarifying shampoo3 or 4 times and some color was dropped but it's still tooooo dark. Someone recommended colorfix but I'm scared to mess it up pleaseeeeeehellppppp !!!!!!
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    I accidently turned my hair Blue Black and here's how I faded it to a Dark Reddish Brown (my natural color). Ok color usually takes a few days to set so your doing the correct thing by using the clarifying shampoo because your weakening it. Keep doing it but also put your shampoo on wet hair but don't rinse it out instead sleep in a shower cap. In the morning wash and condition.

    Second extra virgin oil or extra virgin coconut oil have a tendancy to both condition and fade color a wee bit. So you can put a small amount on your hair to help it fade. I tended to use it more on my ends and sat or walked around in the sunlight which has a natural bleaching effect.

    Third when washing your hair you need to use the warmest water you can stand as this opens the cuticle and helps to fade out the color.

    If after a week or two of this you still feel it's too dark than your going to have to go the chemical route. More on this if your interested:-)
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    My hair really grabs dark color. A hairdresser friend told me that it takes 5-7 shampoos for my hair to drop some of the color. It always does. It drops back to a color that I want.

    That said, I have heard that Head and Shoulders and Prell strip color. I am too afraid to try that given my fine hair.

    I like the idea of the coconut oil. That would be good for your hair after you have cleansed it to bits!

    Hang in there, I'll bet it looks worse to you than it would to others. That is always my case!
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    I have had that happen so many times! It's horrible!

    Don't try stripping it if you can help it. I made that mistake, and I am still struggling with fixing my hair months later. I've also heard (but have not yet verified this) that honey has a natural peroxide in it that will lighten the color if it is not warmed. Can someone deny or confirm that?
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    Hey, is it a rinse? I've heard of soaking your hair in water for a couple of hours (not exactly sure how to accomplish that). I've that it will fade color significantly. It was mainly in the comments of a specific rinse that died dark on a lot of people, and they wanted to fade it.

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    Okay a quick update-- since the hair color fiasco I've washed my hair 6x with clarifying shampoo and twice deep condition and now Im leaving some clarifying shampoo in it to soak for another hour then will wash it out all with hot water ofcourse. Yes some color is dropping but its not fast enough...

    I will try to do a deep oil treatment and maybe try the honey since i know it lightens hair !

    I will avoid stripping it, may go to a salon in the next few days and see if there is a way to correct it somehow.

    Thank you for all the suggestions.
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    I've heard Prell fades color fast, too, but there are also Color Fix items I've had moderate success with.

    If you're deeply unhappy, I would see a stylist. Maybe she can help undo what other stylists say cannot be undone: I've also had that happen.
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    A protein treatment will drop color too.
    I wasn't happy with my last color and I put Ion Reconstructor, let it set overnight and in the morning, when I rinse, the color was pouring off.
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    brown from blond. It was chemically blond. It turned jet black. I think she used a 6 golden brown.
    I freaked out and tried to fade it by washing it. After the second day I couldn't take it anymore.
    She stripped it and put in a 7 dark blond.

    I've colored it twice since then. I have stripes of black hair. :(

    My roots are not the same color as the rest of my hair.

    My normal color is a reddish brown. Funny how dark blond can get sooooo dark brown with red highlight. I like the color, just with there were no black strips and the roots were the same color as the rest of my hair. They are a reddish color. Thankfully the reddish color that highlights the rest of my hair.

    I will NEVER strip my hair again! I've been losing a ton of hair since then.

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