My aunt is getting laser tx and collagen stimulation tx's!

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She is only 35, but unfortunetely she looks older b/c she was a sun bunny and was a heavy smoker for 10 years.

She has age spots, lines, acne scarring from picking and what they called "pick marks" also from acne.

She went to her derm requesting microdermabrasion or a strong chemical peel and he told her that the best way for her to go is to get a series of laser tx's to smooth everything out, and collagen stimulations tx's as well. The package included:

3 laser tx's (which she is to get every 4 weeks)

6 collagen stimulatiuons tx's (every 2 weeks).

Total cost? 3k!!!!

She has had 2 laser treatmets so far, and 3 collagen stimulation treatments. OMG!!! She is looking GREAT. Her skin is now an even skintone, and the lines are greatly diminished as are *some* of her acne scars.

The most incredible part is the area next to the corners of her mouth - she use to have fine lines from that area theat curved downward - making it look like she was frowning. I can't even notice them anymore.

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