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I have been curly girl for about a year but just recently found this site. I have read the book but I'm confused why you all have a different conditioner listed for co-wash and conditioner/leave in. I have always just washed my hair with conditioner and then get out of the shower and put a little more in my hair as a leave in and then use gel. Are you guys washing your hair with one kind of conditioner and then then using another kind as an actual conditioner? I'm kinda confused!!! Please help!


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    Different routines work for different people.You just have to experiment to find what's right for you. And experimenting can be fun! : )
    I condition wash my hair, add gel, and that's it. I don't condition separately and I don't use a leave-in at all.
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    Some people do, and some people don't. One of the beauties of going CG, though, is that many people can get by with just a conditioner and a gel. A lot of people haven't read the book, and they read the descriptions of all the different things people added on once they got to the point that they wanted to tweak the system here and there. Or they tried different conditioners, for instance, and thought one was good for cleansing, but not so good for conditioning, and they liked yet another one best for leave in.

    Personally, I like simplicity; and I try not to make things too complicated. When things go off, I take it back to basics, and find that that helps. So if one conditioner and one gel works for you, that's great!

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    Some conditioners have ingredients I've read shouldn't be left in your hair like Potassium Chloride. Ok for rinsing through but a no-no as a leave-in.
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    In Curly Girl, Lorraine Massey recommends using a regular rinse out conditioner as leave in, and it's a pretty common practice among curlies. I've used rinse outs as leave in, and never noticed any problems with it, nor have I heard of any.

    Can you give me a link?

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    hey, whatever works for you and your hair :) I use my aohsr condish in the shower, rinse and then use knot today as a leave in and follow up with either kccc or giovanni gel. I love the moisture my hair gets from Aubrey's but its waaaay to thick to use as a leave in and when used underneath gel(depending on type of gel) can form white residue.
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    i cowash and add conditioner as a leave in or sometimes i dont rinse a the conditioner all the way out. i dont use gel in my hair and i dont want to because i dont need it. u can modify the CG method. everyone is different and you have to finds what works for u. u may have to tweak somethings in order for it to work best for u. and if what you doing is working than keep doing it.

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