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I've read so many great things about Kinky-Curly Curling Custard and would like to buy it off someone who has it and is willing to part with it.

I don't have anything worth trading it for but I would be willing to pay you for it. I'm in Waterloo, Ontario.


  • nicurlynicurly Posts: 46Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Your best bet is to order from honeyfig
    My hair is naturally a combination of 3B/3C. No longer texturized. All natural! CG Routine: Devapoo, One condition or Elucence. Loving curl creams: AG Recoil, Mop Curl Cream, KMS Curl Cream and never without CK. Gels: HE SMU and KCCC with a little BRHG on top.
  • beautifulsoul06beautifulsoul06 Posts: 43Registered Users
    Try www.haircues.ca. It's an online business but I believe the owner is located in the KW area and she meets customers close by who want to avoid shipping costs. Her name is Lisa! Great prices too!!
    Last relaxer: November 28 2009 :happy4:
    BC'ed: February 25 2010
    A very thick head of tight coils and curls/ 4a
    Co Wash: Suave Naturals, V05
    Leave-in: KCNT
    Stylers: KCCC
    Pomades: KCGP

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