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Anyone use this? I'm LOVING it so far...if you're on there, add me! My username is live2dream :)
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    what is this website? please explain.
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    I'm gonna bump this thread. This website and app is so helpful. You can log just about every food you could ever want to eat. It really works.
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    I'm on there! Find me too: StageManageThis.

    A group of friends joined in support of my friend Olivia, who (with her sister Hannah) is now a finalist on this season's Biggest Loser!
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    Love this app! I've been using it for about a year and its so helpful! Add me wmariej

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    I love that app and website. So helpful and free too. My MFP is sirabe
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    Love it too. It's great that we can scan things in now. I'm def more aware of my eating habits & the foods that I'm eating now
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    I'm def going to check this out. Are y'all on the forum part too? My sister has been wanting to join a forum for fitness
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    Nope haven't used the forum
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    Ah! Love this forum! Feel free to add me, too: misssugarplum
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    Just joined my fitness pal...I was using mynetdiary but the recipe counter there sucks! Feel free to add me...gammagirl11

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    I love MFP! My name is Runninginafatsuit if anyone wants to add me.
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    I'm adding you Kitathena so don't be acting brand is the newest family addition?
    Wanna talk products? Come Join us here!
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    Extremely thick, kinky curls/coils that have a mind of thier own!!!!
    I like my men and my hair....KINKY!!!!
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    Thanks NCC! She is fine, she will be a year next month *sob* You'd think I'd have all this baby weight off by now!!
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    I use it too :) SanaxRadiance
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    I use the app on my phone all the time. It helped me lose 20lbs with the addition of working out. My username is Natural_Caramel.
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    I use the app on my phone nice helps keep track of what I eat username is idaline2

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    Love this app.I'm def more aware of my eating habits & the foods that i'm eating now.Are y'all on the forum part too?
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    I used this last year and lost 10 pounds (my goal) like it was nothing! I previously was never successful with weight loss because of my bad cal/exercise tracking skills. Learned a lot about food, exercise, and calories from it too and have not gained back those pesky pounds. AWESOME app.

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    My username there is "fihe"
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    Anyone out there still using myfitnesspal?
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    I just started using MFP again
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    Corrina777 wrote: »
    I just started using MFP again
    Me too! I'm a little frustrated with the my fitbit steps not being counted in MFP but I like a lot of the improvements they've made.
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    I like this app a lot. I find the app easier to use than the website. When I was really diligent about logging everything, I lost 4 pounds in about 2 months which was a big deal to me. I am trying to get back on track with logging my food again.
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    I've used myfitnesspal for a few years to track nutrition and exercise. I like that you can change the percentages of carbs/fats/protein to suit your eating habits and you can add in your workout goals so that at the end of the day you know exactly where you stand. I like that you can easily add your own foods that you eat often. It's very user friendly all around.
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    Hey all! I use myfitnesspal and I LOVE it. Always looking for active people to cheer on, it would especially be nice to have some curly friends! I am malobee if you want to add me!
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    Wow! Logging what you eat really puts things in perspective. Do those of you with friends on MFP have your food diary open for others to see?
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    I've gotten on My Fitness Pal as well! Put all my food and runs and stuff into it. Would LOVE to have more people to connect with!
    I am- as always -Runemist34 ;)
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    I love my fitness pal app. I just need to get in the habit of logging every day lol. My name on there is sashamann912.