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So, I hate store bought sunscreens, they always break me out, especially my face. I know it is not summer anymore, but as the temperatures cool, I am more likely to venture to the outdoors on a regular basis and not run away from the sun.

So, I was wondering if anyone knew of any good, natural sunscreens that I can use. Oils or homemade stuff is preferred and/or cheap prices.
Hair type: 3a, med-low porosity, decent elasticity, thin, med-fine. (I think)

Hair Routine:
Low-poo: Burt's Bee's Pomegranate and Soy
Co-wash: V05 Kiwi Clarifying Conditioner, Condish: V05 Kiwi Clarifying Conditioner, Giovanni TTTT, honey
Leave In: GVP Conditioning Balm
Styling: Biotera Curl Cream, Sweet Almond Oil
Techniques: Icequeen method

Hair likes: GVP CB, Biotera Curl Cream, Almond Oil (when wet).
Hair dislikes: gel, plopping.

Hair Goal: Healthy, soft, defined, waist length curls!


  • IAgirlIAgirl Registered Users Posts: 2,540 Curl Neophyte
    Long sleeve shirts and hats are my favorite. I work outside often, it works for me on all but the hottest, most humid days. I hate sunscreen.

    I have been using Devita Body Block, but it's not especially cheap. It does NOT give me a rash or breakout, does not make my skin sting and I never burn through this sunscreen, so it's worth it. No scent either. It can give you a greasy/wet feel or look because it has humectants in it, but i think the one (sunscreen) called "moisturizer" is less heavy in those ingredients.

    "Natural" sunscreens are things like zinc oxide and titanuim dioxide.

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