colour virgin - chi ionic permanent?

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Hi ladies, first time posting in this section!

I'm a CG, and have been natural for about 2 years. i hate my natural hair colour (a dark brown, but it looks kind of dry/ashy..this has a lot to do with the way my hair reflects light). i've always wanted to colour.

yesterday as i was getting a trim, my stylist (i go to a GC salon) suggested the chi ionic permanent colour line. it's ammonia free (which i guess is better, but i assume there's still damage?)

my stylist said it would make the hair healthier..which doesn't add up to me. how can anything that alters my natural hair be better for it?

something about silks and proteins -- who knows!

anyway, has anyone used this line? reviews?

if not, what's your experience with ammonia-free colour? is there damage? what kind? any help would really be appreciated!!!


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    I alternate salon visits by coloring my hair (cover some whites) with Clairol at home and than see my colorist the following visit. This year my colorist tried out Loreals Inoa ammonia free brand. To be honest it was nice not smelling the fumes, my roots felt a wee better because has oils but I found it faded faster. The downside was also the 20% price difference. So I switched back to the regular one which has ammonia.

    Now just be aware that the ammonia free ones say they aren't harsh but I think they are just less harsh. As I know the Inoa brand does have an active chemical to penetrate the cuticle. So, your trading one Active that's smelly for one with no smell. Make sense?

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