The bad hair day routine.

I just had the worst hair day ever, which now trned into the best. I just wanted to share wht i did. This can be used whenever or also just on bad hair days.
2.puree than liquify 1 and a half bananas
3.put into hair focausing on the botttom half, a sprincle on the top.
4.wait 10 minutes with it in.
5.rinse out.
6.Brush hair with a BRUSH and put in a bit of frizz cream
7.when hair is about 40 percent dry diffuse, upside down with it on low and high heat untill hair is 80 percent dry
8.add A LITTLE bit of mousse
9.Diffuse again on low with cool heat until hair is 95 percent dry.
10. curl the front areas a little bit, and curl our bangs if you have them.
11. on theright side take the top half of your hair, than relase all but the very front.
12. clip it to the side.

Should look something like this:

but curlier.
Step 10 is optional, i just didi it cause those are usally my problem ares=/

hope i helped somebody!:hello2:

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