BTK twicein the same week?

Hi everyone,
I just did the Encanto Brazilian Keratin Treatment 2 days ago. I feel like the outcome is not at all like what some people have experienced. My hair are not crazy shiny and I feel they break even more than before. I think I may not have done it properly. I think I did not use enough product. Will it harm my hair if I do it a second time in the same week?

Thanx for all your infos


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    I've not used that particular brand, so I can't speak about it specifically, but I would use my brand, QOD, in back-to-back applications without concern. I've never done twice in one week (too lazy), but I've done it twice within a 2-week period. In the beginning, I did frequent repeat applications until I was satisfied with my curl pattern. But, I do think it permanently changed the curl pattern on that hair, so be aware that your curls may be permanently relaxed as well with repeated frequent applications. That actually works better for me, though. I'm naturally a 4a/3c, now a 2c/3a, and I couldn't be happier, and I haven't done a full-head application since about the end of February '10.
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