removing hair color?

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I have been using henna for 5+ years now and have noticed my curls are nearly gone! I just found out henna acts like a relaxer to curly hair! I am desperate to get my curls back...has anyone removed henna? Will my curls return once its gone? Any products I can use to help my curls come back to life? Any suggestions are appreciated!


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    You really can't remove henna, unfortunately. I've tried. I would use some ColorFix to get rid of some of hte excess and then use regular dyes until you can grow the henna out. I didn't see any loss of curl from henna, but I know that some people do.
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    I found this on
    I hope it helps.

    Many people have color disasters with henna. Not only does henna coat the hair, it is highly unpredictable for some users. If a horrid shade of henna is haunting you, reach for good old fashioned mineral oil. A colorist told me to follow these directions to lessen or even remove henna from the hair:

    1.Saturate hair strands with a mixture of 70% alcohol applied with sterile cotton balls. Avoid the scalp area.

    2. Follow 5-10 minutes later with a coating of mineral oil. Apply the mineral oil on top of the 70% alcohol. Avoid the scalp area.

    3. Cover your new oily head with Saran or similar plastic. A plastic shower cap will also work well.

    4. Sit under a hood dryer for 30-45 minutes.

    If you don't have a hood dryer, direct a heat concentrator towards the hair from your blow dryer.

    5. To remove the oil apply a little shampoo to the palms of your hands and then pat on the oil BEFORE you apply water. After you have applied the shampoo to the oil areas, turn on the shower and lather. Use a good cleansing or clarifying shampoo. You may need to shampoo more than once to remove all the oil and the henna. If necessary, repeat as needed.

    6. Once you have removed the henna, be sure to perform deep conditioning treatments to restore moisture to the hair.
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    That's what I learned in beauty school but it will be harsh on the hair, it's very important that you follow step #6. Still, I'm not sure if the curl will return or not.
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