Running--side stitches?

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I've decided to try running on a treadmill. But a few minutes into working out, I always get a side stitch on my right side just below my ribs. When that happens, I'll slow down to a slower jog or walk for a couple minutes, and that does help it feel better or go away, but it comes back when I pick up the pace again.

Any advice or tips? Should it improve if I keep at it and getting into better running shape? (I feel like I'm in pretty good cardiovascular shape overall.)


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    Are you eating or drinking directly before your run? I find that if I've had a lot to drink (not alcohol.. just water or whatever), I get those too. If I hold off and drink only small sips until I'm done, I'm much less likely to get them.

    I remember in high school, our gym teacher used to tell us to hold our arms above our head if we got them while running and keep up the pace. I've never tried it because I feel like I'm going to fall off the machine. ;) Regardless, I've found that it does get better as you get more experienced at running.
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  • sarah42sarah42 Registered Users Posts: 4,034
    I injured my toe last week (fractured or just badly stubbed), so I've been staying off the treadmill. I can usually hang in there if I go around 5 mph, but when I try 5.5-6 mph, that's when the side stitch really bothers me. I'll try running again in a week or two, and see how it goes.
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    I know a trick for side stitches, Find where it is (it's like a muscle spasm in your diaphragm) under your ribcage, and then push with your fingers hard into the painful spot, taking deep breaths.
    Sometimes this will get rid of them.
    Even if you're in great running shape you can get them. If you are tired from lack of sleep or have already been getting exercise (even active everyday things) when you begin running, boom, side stitch.

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