What Product do you use to keep braids/twists from coming undone?

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I am attempting to use braids and twists as a transitioning style. But my ends keep coming undone. I tried curlers but that did NOT work! What product do you use to keep your braids or twists from coming undone? I would like something with no cones in it. Thanks !!!
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  • naturallychelseanaturallychelsea Posts: 100Registered Users
    perm rods or flexi rods usually do the trick
  • morrighumorrighu Posts: 707Registered Users
    I use a goodly dollop of hair gel and denman brush to distribute it while my hair is wet. Then I use these big fat cloth covered band-y things to hold the ends. Then again, my hair is really long.
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    Have you tried using Aloe Vera Gel? It leaves the hair soft and non-crunchy. You can find the Fruit of the Earth brand at drugstores or Walmart.
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