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redriverredriver Registered Users Posts: 16
I have decided to stop perming/relaxing my hair about year ago because my hair started thinning. Since I did not want to the BC (the big chop), I chose to go for the long term transition in which I will probably cut off the rest of my permed ends next November. The issue I have with transitioning is hair growth and a hair length.

Here is a quick background on my hair. I believe I am a 4B or 4C hair type. I do see some type of curl pattern, but I am not sure if the pattern is a "S" or "Z." My hair care regime consists of co-washing/deep conditioning every two weeks and shampoo every month. Plus, I moisturize my hair every morning and evening. The following products I use:

Cleansing Products
  • Organic Root Stimulator Aloe Vera Shampoo and Hair Mayonnaise conditioner
  • Kinky Curly as a detangle
  • Beautiful Curls Curl Activator to define my curls
Moisturizing Products Eventually, I do want to cut off the permed/relax ends--only if my hair grows to a certain length. I rarely see tutorials of women with 4B/4C hair type transitioning for over a year. It is frustrating because I am not sure what to do. In addition, products that do cater to women with natural hair (i.e. Mixed Chics, Kinky Curly, Miss Jessie's, etc) are expensive. I am aware the products containing sulfate (i.e. Organic Root Stimulator) are not healthy for kinky hair, but it is affordable. Is it possible for me to achieve longer fuller curls without going broke?



  • moo49moo49 Registered Users Posts: 118
    try natural things like aloe vera, shea butter, olive oil, and a bottle of aubrey organics honeysuckle rose lasts me a while.

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