What's the Difference Between EM and BE?

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Do they have the same ingredients?


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    No, they don't. I don't have the ingredients handy now though. People who's skin is irritated by BE seem to do fine with EM. There is mica or something in BE that seems to irritate some.
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    I posted this a couple hours ago and it disappeared! If anyone finds them somewhere else, let me know.
    So here they are again.

    Everyday Minerals Ingredients
    Titanium Dioxide
    Iron Oxides
    Zinc Oxide

    Bare Escentuals Ingredients
    Titanium Dioxide
    Zinc Oxide
    Bismuth Oxychloride
    Iron Oxides
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    Ah. Must have been the bismuth I was thinking of then.
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    Yep, it's the bismuth. I can't wear BE because of that, but the Aromaleigh I wear is bismuth-free and I have no problems with it. Plus they're alot cheaper than BE!

    (I'm out visiting other forums today :lol: )

    Internetchick - loved the Monistat recommendation on the ND board - love that stuff under my minerals!
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    That was RCW. I am thinking of trying it though, especially since they said it works as well as spendy primers. I do have a sample of Laura Geller primer that I should try, just been too lazy :lol:

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