Quick survey for moms with young (2-6 yrs) children

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Hi NC moms,

Want to spend a tiny portion of your life helping your bff MoppyT with a class project? If you have a child (or more than one) between the ages of 2-7, and about 5 minutes to spare, you can!

It's a 10-question survey about a new supplemental education service (our client) : BOOM.

All answers are of course completely anonymous/confidential. We're just trying to get a sense of who the market is for this product.

Thanks heaps and heaps!
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    El finished...that wasn't bad at all.
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    done and done.
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    Done :)
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    There you go :alien:
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    All done:)!
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    Just wanted to pop back in here to thank everyone who responded. My project group got lots of great information for our client, and we're turning in our final campaign plan book tomorrow.

    Double rainbows and high fives all around! You are all my favorite moms!
    The best revenge is living well. The second best revenge is fire ants.

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