what do i do w/ these?

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i've been m.i.a. from the forums since june, but i got some jojoba oil and aloe vera juice yesterday (on a bit of a whim, after reading here about how they're epic) and i'm not completely sure what to do with them..
i also have glycerin, sweet almond oil and rosemary EO (a mix i used earlier this year which worked very well).. so i'm mostly wondering if the AVJ would work with that mixture..
~thanks in advance


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    I know aloe vera gel works well in home made lotions, I have no idea about the juice. Be careful with the rosemary essential oil, one drop if you're making a small bottle (4oz, and about 2 drops for 6oz) is enough. The smell is really empowering and it stays really strong for quite a while. It's very good for your hair though, it stimulates growth.
    If you have never made a lotion yourself before, make a little bit and write down the portions so you can play with them for the next mix until you find the right combination.
    By the way, I had the same ingredients once (except for the AVJ, I only use AVG) and used to put it on my face too every other night, it works wonder. I still do put my home made lotion on my face but now I have castor oil instead of the jojoba oil and olive oil instead of the sweet almond. They're all very good for the skin too.
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